Praise for the “Woman’s Book of Dirty Words”

“This book will make you laugh, think, and will stir emotions and memories of your past. Mary Fran’s insights, humor, and storytelling will have you realize that you are in the company of so many other women when cringing as you hear these dirty words. A great read to lighten your heart, laugh, and understand the true meaning behind these everyday words that can strike fear into the hearts of women.”

Sara Canuso, President
Women That Influence

“As an editor and publisher, and an internationally syndicated columnist and journalist prior to WVM, words are a part of my everyday life. ‘Words’ usually mean ‘work’ to me. But, having read Mary Fran Bontempo’s earlier book, I was delighted to read her new book The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words just for fun. Mary Fran had me smiling from the first chapter to genuinely laughing out loud in many areas, while nodding my head in agreement with the familiar, hilarious life observations she is a master at illuminating. As always, Mary Fran’s take on life is highly relatable and relevant for every woman.

I particularly enjoy the way she ends each chapter with a thoughtful, fun exercise for readers to enrich their own lives in a meaningful way. Mary Fran’s ‘dirty words’ truly are the words that make up a woman’s life in the real world. This latest book from Mary Fran is a must-read for an entertaining break while also offering insights we can all appreciate and incorporate into our lives. And we all benefit from laughing more!”

Brenda Krueger Huffman
Founder & CEO Women’s Voices Media, LLC
Publisher Women’s Voices Magazine

“Mary Fran Bontempo nails it in The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words. Bontempo’s knack for presenting the modern woman’s life experience is not only hilarious, but insightful and honest. By showing women how we can redefine words that have become ‘dirty’ to us, Bontempo ultimately teaches us that we can redefine our lives and recapture our sense of fun.”

Selena Rezvani Columnist
Author of Pushback: How Smart Women Ask and Stand Up For What They Want

“Bravo! Mary Fran Bontempo cleverly gives women valuable advice while making us laugh at ourselves. She brilliantly captures the things we all do that make us (and our loved ones!) crazy, then addresses them with her trademark humor and insight. As a wife and mother, a television talk show host, and an aging baby boomer, I related to each and every word and found myself nodding along and smiling at each chapter. It’s a MUST READ for women of all ages!”

Lynn Doyle
10 time Emmy-winning Talk Show Host
President LDTV, LLC Television Production

“Mary Fran Bontempo has written yet another over-the-moon-and-back humorous book that is relatable beyond measure. I highly recommend The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words to not only women, but to the men who love them, as they’ll receive a double dose of reality and what certain words mean to us. Truly an enjoyable, delightful and important book. Mary Fran communicates what we feel!”

Nancy Ferrari
Radio/TV Personality, Success Coach

“Mary Fran has done it again. The insightful, fun, and funny Mom-of-All-Trades has extended the Not Ready for Granny Panties journey in The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words. She simultaneously shares with us more funny, relatable stories, and extends them into usable tips. ‘VACATION,’ my personal favorite, takes Mary Fran’s tip to ‘do one thing that scares you every day’ as she advises in Not Ready for Granny Panties and makes it applicable to today’s modern mom out on the road, because as every woman knows, a family vacation can be one scary ordeal! Read this book. Gift this book. You are sure to enjoy this book.”

Jill L. Hickey
Founder, Radio Talk Show Host & Blogger—The Not So Soccer Mom
Owner, Express Pros Staffing, KC North

Ben FM Radio Joey Fortman and Mary Fran Bontempo“I’ve followed Mary Fran over the years and she is one of the funniest women I’ve ever met. This summer she shared with me that she really was not ready for those granny panties but she was going to be a grandma! Fast forward to her new book, and though she may be wearing figurative granny panties, her ‘dirty words’ are relatable for women of all ages. As with her previous books, I laughed out loud. Mary Fran proves grannies can still have style!”

Joey Fortman
Founder—Real Mom Media, LLC

“Mary Fran has done it again! She has found a wonderful way with humor and grace to help us laugh at ourselves and at the same time, learn how to live life to the fullest. I found myself laughing and reflecting simultaneously as she took familiar words such as vacation and dinner, to help create a new sense of awareness about how our words truly impact our lives. Mary Fran is a genius when it comes to looking at what might be taboos or uncomfortable situations, and talking about them with wisdom and humor. She really gets us thinking about the everyday words in our lives and all the special experiences (and may be not so special experiences) inherent in a routine day. Mary Fran’s book The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words is not only funny but gives the reader a chance to look at life’s complexities and challenges, while still finding the true joy of living life each day to its fullest. A must-read for all woman who use these ‘dirty’ words every day!”

Lynnis Woods-Mullins
Wellness Expert for Women Over 40
Publisher—Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine

“The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words is a light¬hearted but no-nonsense book that sheds light on the current reality of every day demands and pressures on women. The author’s insights and invitation to put oneself first will help women reclaim and enjoy their lives. I absolutely loved this fun, quick read and highly recommend Mary Fran Bontempo as an author and a speaker.”

Jamie Broderick
Founder and CEO—Network Now Connections LLC

“Laughter—a noun. Laugh—a verb. Both connote the feelings of joy and light-heartedness that Mary Fran Bontempo’s book, The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words, elicits so well. Fun and accurate, every chapter made me laugh out loud. From the words ‘vacation’ and ‘holiday’ to ‘relax’ and ‘balance,’ she gets what it means to be a 21st century working woman trying to age gracefully while balancing the demands of family, work, friends, and life; trying to find ways to relax during vacation (LOL); and knowing that every ‘holiday,’ means more work than play. She approaches the topic with humor and insight. Her Not Ready for Granny Panties books are a must-read for men and women alike!”

Gina F. Rubel
President and CEO, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.

“Mary Fran Bontempo has done it again! Her latest book provides a glimpse into the grind of woman-hood while offering simple, clear solutions to the emotional stressors we face in our day to day lives. Her easy wit and supportive style engender the feeling of sitting down to share a cup of tea with a close girlfriend. As a psychotherapist, I will recommend this book to my female patients who struggle with everyday stressors. Thanks for giving us per-mission to be something other than ‘Nice,’ Mary Fran Bontempo!”

Ellen J. Faulkner, Ph.D., N.C.PsyA.

“Mary Fran Bontempo’s new book, The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words, is a true testament to the fact that we women share an intimate connection—and aversion—to our ‘dirty words.’ Mary Fran’s ability to see the humor in all things related to those words that make us cringe allows readers to enjoy a wonderful ride of familiar scenarios, while laughing through it all. That type of connection is one of Mary Fran’s best qualities. She encourages her readers to tweak their lives to bring back their own joy. It was a sincere pleasure to interview her, and learn some life lessons as well!”

Susan Rocco
Founder & Host of Women to Watch

“Awesome read! Mary Fran has an amazing writing style that left me laughing out loud, but also thinking seriously about the ways in which women maneuver around these ‘dirty words.’ When an author can make me feel like she is speaking directly to my experiences, it creates a feeling of support within. This book will be invaluable for any woman who is ready to claim her power.”

Lee Anne Englert, LPC
Holistic Therapist

“I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Every woman who knows those dirty words and all that’s behind them should read this book to lighten the moment. Mary Fran’s descriptions resonate with me because her story is born of an awareness that through all those crappy experiences, there’s only so much you can do. She brings levity to my seriousness and who doesn’t need to learn how to laugh at themselves more? Thank you, Mary Fran!”

Denice Whiteley
Founder, Denice Whiteley Virtual Assistance

“Not only does Mary Fran really teach women how to stop, look at ourselves in the mirror, and really examine who and what we are in our lives, she has a fun and energizing way of making you feel good about yourself while showing you how to improve your life. She is a wife, a mom, and a great person who really wants you to learn about taking care of the busy, crazy, loving, thoughtful female!! I look so forward to hearing her present and reading her books. Her latest is a fun read that helps put into perspective what truly is important in life. Enjoy every word!”

Marcia Zaruba O’Connor
CEO, The O’Connor Group

“Who would have anticipated a visceral reaction to words like ‘vacation,’ ‘holiday’ and ‘dinner’? I squirmed; I bit my lip. More important, I laughed. Once again Mary Fran has, in her crosshairs, the heavy baggage we women carry. And once again, she’s helping us turn those suitcases into fanny packs. So now I can truly relax…which is now, thanks to Mary Fran, no longer a dirty word.”

Carla Merolla Odell
Founder, “Tell It Like It Was”

“Connected. This is how I felt when reading Mary Fran’s book. As I read, I kept asking myself ‘how does she know me so well?’ She writes about the common threads of insanity of our lives as women and then gives us permission to let go. I instantly connected to the common crazy themes that bond us women, and even more connected to myself for realizing ‘someone gets me.’ From my crazy inner self making lists, doing laundry on vacation, and buying three sets of paper plates for a baby shower, I felt as if Mary Fran was speaking directly to me. She is as authentic as she is inspiring.

With each chapter I was guided through an under-standing, given outstanding advice, told to get over my insanity, and encouraged to examine how to improve. As I read it was as if she had somehow interviewed me and the way that I think about the world. Mary Fran is a rare find as an author.”

Jennifer L. Gardella, PhD
Your Social Media Expert, Founder, Your Social Media Hour

“In a most comical manner, using a unique line-up of ‘dirty’ words, the author lightly treads on women’s ridiculous lists of self-limitations. Nice? Relax? Balance? Ha! They all sound so innocent. Yet for us female caretakers, innocence takes on a frenetic quality as we perfectly ‘should’ ourselves to death. Bontempo’s self-deprecating and witty writing style makes for a quick, yet thought-provoking read that may make us rethink our prior reaction to today’s ‘dirty word.’”

Chrysa Smith
Author, The Adventures of the Poodle Posse
Mom’s Choice Silver Medal Winner, Dove Foundation Endorsement

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