Let’s Succeed Together

Services include:

  • Free introductory call-Should we work together?
  • Discovery call-What’s happening? Let’s define the issues.
  • What’s Next? Formulate action steps to move forward.
  • Where are we now? Evaluation after implementation of action plan.

Sessions billed at an hourly rate in one hour increments. Calls may be broken into separate 20 or 30-minute sessions.

(Please note: Mary Fran is not a licensed therapist, nor does she possess a formal coaching certification. Her qualifications and credentials are her life!)

It’s not easy, is it? What isn’t easy, you ask? Pretty much everything.

Navigating life’s daily challenges, be they business or personal in nature, can be difficult, messy and overwhelming. Sometimes, an unbiased ear, along with a voice that speaks frankly and cuts through the drama, is just what’s needed to shine the light on your path forward.

Mary Fran has been there, weathering serious professional and personal storms, and has come out the other side stronger, smarter, and wiser. A voice of clarity and reason, Mary Fran gives it to you straight, whether you like it or not, in a manner that takes the sting out and makes the way forward clearer, exciting, and even fun. As a mentor and coach, Mary Fran will be your listening ear and help you set a course of action for productivity and success. Her genuine interest in people, as well as her desire to help others succeed, makes Mary Fran the perfect asset for your work and life. You’ll feel like you’re talking to your really smart, really funny girlfriend–the one who will tell you the truth and always have your best interests at heart!

Mary Fran as a Mentor/Coach 

“If you want to feel inspired, hire Mary Fran! She has an ability to morph difficult, emotional topics that affect each of our daily lives into something we can learn from, laugh at, and improve upon. Watch her TEDx talk and you will be instantly impressed. On a personal note, Mary Fran is kind and encouraging. Every time I’ve spoken to her I’ve received a new insight that pushes me forward and gives me confidence in the challenges I’m facing. Being around this strong woman is like having an instant best friend, favorite Aunt, and powerful mentor all rolled into one.”

Diana Asbury ~ Marketing Director, Rapid Learning Institute | Lead Gen & Branding Strategist, Diana Asbury Marketing

“Mary Fran is an instant best friend – to everyone! How does she do it? She’s easy to relate to, she tells you like it is, and she’s very funny! She’s one of those rare people you really trust to kick you in your granny pants because you know she wants the best for you. It comes through in every word she speaks and underscores her thoughtful approach to helping you ditch the mental tapes that are keeping you from being absolutely, perfectly FINE.”

Kelly Stewart ~ Founder, The Positive Business — Putting a prosperity mindset into business practice

“Mary Fran’s sense of humor is contagious and her ability to connect is wonderful. It is rare to find someone who makes you feel like you have known her for a long time. Mary Fran has that gift. She pulls you in with her sense of humor and her ability to share stories that really help women to receive her message of self-love and renewal of spirit.”

Lynnis Woods-Mullins ~ Holistic Living & Wellness Expert, Chief Online Media Strategist, Publisher/Editor

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