What’s in a Word?

Are you an aspiring speaker? Crafting an effective speech, one that will connect with your audience, is no easy task. Nor is delivering a great speech when the writing is done. Content, focus, structure, language and length are just a few of the pieces necessary to creating a speech that conveys your message and your brand. Proper vocal inflection, pacing, movement and facial expressions are essential in presenting your words effectively. And to memorize or not to memorize? That is the question!

Mary Fran is a professional speaker and presenter, with years of experience engaging and inspiring audiences with her own words. As a writer, words are kind of her thing. After discussing your goals and your brand, she will help you create a speech to represent you, engage your audience and show the world your expertise–and awesomeness!

Services Include:

  • Introductory call–Should we work together?
  • Content call–What’s your goal? What content do you want to include?
  • Speech Outline–Structure and content outline
  • Speech Writing and/or Editing (Mary Fran will either write your speech or edit your own words for content and clarity.)
  • Speech Presentation Prep–Including memorization tips, vocal inflections, pacing instruction, stage movement

All work customized to meet your needs. Book a call with Mary Fran today and let’s work together!

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